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10 New Years Resolutions You May Not Have Thought Of

10 New Years Resolutions You May Not Have Thought Of

This isn’t a list of the standard New Year’s resolutions, but a few that you might not have thought about. The best way to follow through with your resolutions is to set realistic ones. We’ve picked some that will make your life better in small ways. They’ll help you take good care of yourself while extending your focus to include those important to you. Ready? Here goes!

1. Mindfulness is more than a cliché.

One definition of mindfulness is living in the present, although this is harder to do than it sounds. Dwelling excessively on the past or future is a fruitless exercise while concentrating on the here and now can improve your life. Take time to intentionally focus on the present moment, and get in touch with your own thoughts and feelings. 

10 New Years Resolutions You May Not Have Thought Of Gratitude Image2. Gratitude can make you appreciate life.

So often, we concentrate on what’s lacking in life. Taking the time to focus on the things we’re grateful for can lead to a realization that life is pretty good. As Sheryl Crow put it in a popular song, “It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got.”

3. Practice really listening to others.

We’ve all done it – mentally rehearsing what we’re going to say next while someone else is talking. Try taking the time to really listen. Make eye contact and respond with body language like nodding. You’ll get more out of the interaction when you give it your full attention.

4. Break a bad habit or start a good one.

Work on a bad habit that’s been bugging you, or develop a new positive habit. Make it one that’s not too ambitious and that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. You’ll be surprised at the difference one small change can make.

5. Take care of yourself as well as others.

Do things to enhance your own health and happiness. Many people, especially women and parents, get stuck making sure that other family members are doing well and forget about self-care. Make the time to do things just for you.

6. Keep learning new things.

Continuing to learn is one of the best ways to keep alert and sharp as we age. There are fascinating breakthroughs in science and computing emerging daily, and everyone has something to learn. Make time to fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

10 New Years Resolutions You May Not Have Thought Of Friends Image7. You can never have too many friends.

Make new friends when you have the chance. Each individual has something to contribute to a relationship. The more open you are to new friendships, the more likely you’ll find others who are on your wavelength. Having compatible friends is a wonderful way to enrich your life.

8. Expand your horizons.

Take a step outside of your comfort zone. If you’ve been thinking about trying something for the first time ‘eventually’, how about now? Humans thrive on variety and challenge, and checking out something new will help you meet that need.

9. Focus on others in a positive way.

Do something nice for someone. Tell your best friend why you treasure them. The power of sincere compliments is vast. Not only will the people you interact with be happy, but the glow will extend to you. You’ll feel good about yourself!

10. Shake your booty!

Keep moving and stay active. It gives you a boost mentally and physically to get your blood flowing with exercise. You can incorporate exercise into everyday activities in simple ways. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and pick a ‘heart-healthy’ parking spot further away.

These New Year’s resolutions are less about making you a better person than making you a happier one. Don’t expect to suddenly become a disciplined workout pro when you’ve done little exercise up until now. Take small steps that you can handle, and you’ll gain a sense of pride from accomplishing your goals. These little things can add up to a big difference in the coming year!


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