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5 Life Hacks You Won’t Want to Live Without

5 Life Hacks You Won’t Want to Live Without

Life hacks make everything we do easier. From finding the most efficient ways to store your favourite foods, to cleaning stubborn stains from your clothes, these little shortcuts will save a lot of time and help you do more. Your life is busy enough as it is, so the less time you need to take to do everything, the better. Below are five life hacks you’ll wish you knew about sooner.

1. Magnetized Fridge Storage

All of us probably have a lot of plastic storage containers that take up a lot of space in the fridge. Sometimes, you might have to worry about whether you’ll need to freeze something or risk leaving it out due to a lack of space. Attaching magnets to the bottom of these containers can make a difference. Once they’re attached and have dried, you can attach the securely closed containers to the inside wall of your fridge, saving shelf space.

2. Two Natural Headache Remedies

Headaches, whether in the form of tension headaches or sinus pressure, can ruin your day. Many people prefer to avoid taking medications as much as possible or would like to make use of natural headache remedies. There are two good options to keep on hand for such cases. One is ginger tea, which is a tasty and effective remedy, and the other is peppermint oil that you can rub on the painful areas.

3. Getting Permanent Marker Stains Out

Permanent markers, especially with black ink, can create some of the messiest stains imaginable. However, you don’t need to worry about marker stains ruining your favourite clothes. Hand sanitizer is one of the most effective remedies that you’ll have available to use. With its alcohol base, it’s very effective against marker ink. Your clothes will look as good as new. 

life hacks you won't want to live without chocolate cake

4. Baking Bakery-Quality Cakes from a Mix

When you’re entertaining or have guests over for the holidays, you might want to follow a few tips to create an extra-special treat that’s both convenient and decadent. When using a mix, follow the directions but add one or two extra eggs. Substitute melted butter for the oil, and double this amount. Next, substitute milk for the water called for in the recipe. When you’ve finished baking the cake, it will taste richer and no one will know you had help!

5. Getting Rid of Red Wine Stains

Red wine creates messy spills, especially on white carpeting and upholstery. The good news is that you can get such stains out with minimal effort by using white wine. Applying white wine to the stain as quickly as possible will help minimize the damage from the red wine. The surface will look like the spill never happened. 

With these handy tips in your arsenal, you’re sure to live a better life a home. Do you have another life hack you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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