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6 Condo Living Myths Debunked

6 Condo Living Myths Debunked

Condominium living has evolved in the last decade as enthusiasm for condos has risen, with one in eight households in Canada living in condos as of 2011. Newly-built dwellings have leaned toward condos in the past several years, and young families have found them a good way to get a foot in the door of home ownership. There are a few myths and misconceptions about owning a condominium home, so we’re going to clear up some of the most common ones for you.

Let’s go…

There’s Not Enough Space in a Condo

In the first place, a condominium can be as large or small as you desire, depending on your home-buying budget. A lot of the charm of condo living, however, is having less living space to clean and maintain. There are also many ways to make it feel as if the square-footage of your condo is larger than it really is. Tips include having multi-use areas in your home, organizing well and arranging furniture to make the most of the space you have.

Condo Living Myths Debunked Dog ImagePets Aren’t Allowed

This is a misconception when it comes to living in a condo. Many condominium owners have pets, and you’ll find pet-friendly dwellings when you start looking. There may be size restrictions for pets, but that only makes sense. You wouldn’t want to confine a large dog like a Labrador Retriever in a home that doesn’t have an outdoors with room to run. As long as you respect your neighbours by making sure your fur-baby doesn’t bark constantly, the condo life will be a good fit for your pet.

Association Fees are Too Steep

This is another condo living myth that can only be understood in context. Condominium association fees may seem steep, but not if you learn about all the things they pay for, like maintenance of the grounds. Each month, you’re saving the time, labour and money you would spend on mowing and trimming, not to mention maintaining lawn care equipment. The common areas like the pool, clubhouse and parking lot are also kept in good repair, and some condo fees include on-site security.

There’s Not Enough Privacy

Condos have come a long way, and new condominiums have a variety of techniques for increasing privacy, starting with better sound-proofing between units. The architectural design can also be a means of adding privacy to each unit. Staggered terraces or balconies allow an intimate outdoor space away from the view of neighbours, and some condominiums place garages in between dwellings to act as a sound buffer.

Condo Living Myths Debunked Gavel ImageStrict Condo Rules are Confining

The bottom line when it comes to the covenants and restrictions of a condominium is finding what you’re looking for in a place to live. Take a good look at what’s expected of each homeowner, then decide if it will work for you. Any bylaws are for the benefit of all the residents, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the common sense of the condo rules. For example, some condos prohibit short-term rentals like Airbnb, and that’s something positive for both security and home values.

Condos are for Seniors

At one time, this may have been true, but families have begun to embrace condominium living. Because of the convenience, more people are opting for the benefits of the condo lifestyle over a high-maintenance suburban home. Time is at a premium for growing families and, rather than spend hours commuting or driving kids to activities, some have opted to live near their jobs and close to where the action is. Some complexes are even geared toward families with children and have space set aside for kids to play.

Condos are Here to Stay

The convenience of a low-maintenance condominium is attractive to anyone, including young families, busy professionals and senior citizens. Today’s condos are well-built and designed to offer privacy along with a sense of community. Some are even designed with families in mind, and all of them have rules and regulations to protect your investment. It’s definitely an option worth looking into for your next home.


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