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6 Eye-Catching Outdoor Water Features

6 Eye-Catching Outdoor Water Features

It always seems to happen – in the midst of summer maintenance tasks, homeowners start to dream of spicing up their backyards. A water feature can create a calming and beautiful setting and be a focal point in any yard. Outdoor water features come in many different styles, functions, and sizes, and with a little imagination, can be customized to meet any unique vision for your yard.

1. A Simple Pond 

We say this is simple, and it can be. However, some of the most beautiful water features in backyards today are elaborate ponds. It’s up to you how creative you want to get when building a backyard pond. There are a wide variety of pond kits available at retailers such as Costco, landscaping supply companies, home renovation companies, and even Amazon. These kits come in a variety of sizes and include various items such as pond skimmers, water pumps, rock trays, water treatment systems, pond liners and underlayments. Most commonly, Koi and goldfish are added to these types of ponds, which are easy to care for.

2. Mini Creek 

A small manmade creek is a beautiful feature for your yard if you have a walk-out, a steep decline, or even a berm for your grading. If you have a walk-out or lot with a steep decline, you can create a creek out of varying sizes of rocks, pump the water from a pond at the bottom and have it cascade down from the top. If you have a berm that directs rainwater away from your home, take advantage of the natural water flow and lay some rocks along the ridge to create a manmade creek or moat to collect the water. Be sure to direct the water flow in the same way your grading does so that you don’t risk directing water toward your home’s foundation.

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3. Stone Wall Waterfall 

If your backyard space allows, installing a stacked stone wall can be a beautiful art piece in your space. Complete with a small pond at the bottom and a pump system, water is pumped up and cascades down the front of your stone wall, creating soothing white noise and a stunning visual focal point to your yard’s design.

4. Rain Chain

If you like water fountains, but prefer to soften the sound of the water, install a rain chain at the top of a fountain and place the other end in a pot or pond at the bottom. Using surface tension, the water sticks to the chain and flows down evenly and quietly until it finds the pool below.

Side note: if you have a downspout that’s loud and you’d like to direct the water better from your home’s eaves, install a rain chain on the corner and direct it into a tray that flows the water away from your home’s foundation. The water will fall along the chain, dampening the noise, and will add a rustic element of design to your backyard.

5. Soothing or Sensational Sounds 

When playing with flowing water, you’ll notice that the farther up the water comes from, the louder it is when it hits the pool below. That is, if it hits more water. There are many different ways to play with the sound of water to create almost a musical feature in your yard. If you’re looking to make a purchase, differently shaped and designed water fountains can produce varying sounds.

But you can also think outside the box and adjust your water flow from any feature into a variety of slanted rocks or other materials to dampen the sound or change the pitch. Experiment with different natural materials to see how water sounds as it lands, and try different heights to hear the unique pitches it creates. Install varying heights to achieve unique sounds.

6. Let in a Little Light

In addition to sound, light can be installed to play with water’s natural spectrum. On a simple level, small flood lights can be directed at certain aspects of your water feature to highlight unique pieces. On a more complex level, LEDs and coloured flood lights can be directed through a stream of water to bring out its naturally varying colours. If your water feature creates mist through pressure, direct the light at the mist to create perpetual rainbows. Install water resistant lights at the base of your pond, pool, or deeper water feature to add an extra level of depth to the display.

There is no limit to the creativity you can implant in your backyard water features. Be sure to use greenery and colourful flowers to breathe more life into your displays. Look into aquaponics as well if you’d like to create a self-sustaining ecosystem in your yard; you’ll reap the benefits of healthy fish and lush, vibrant greenery. Whatever water features you create, you’ll feel calmer and more relaxed in your backyard sanctuary.


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