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7 Tips for Selling Your Home Faster

7 Tips for Selling Your Home Faster

Perhaps you’re wishing to upgrade to a larger home and have your eye on one in particular. Maybe you just can’t afford the home you currently own. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to sell your home, you likely want to do it as quickly as possible. Here are seven simple things you can do to make your home more attractive to home buyers and decrease the amount of time it spends on the market.

Start At the Curb

First impressions matter in all areas of life, but especially in real estate. Put some energy into your lawn and plant flowers in beds. Power wash or reseal driveways and sidewalks. Hang a wreath on your door to make it more welcoming. These small measures will make your home more attractive and give the polished first impression you’re looking for.

Clean Thoroughly

Many people are balancing careers and/or family. It’s easy to let smaller cleaning tasks go when time runs short. However, a sparkling clean home is much more attractive to home buyers. Many assume that a unkept home may be poorly maintained in other areas. Scrub, polish, and shine your house; it will pay off in higher appeal and a faster sale.

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Upgrade Your Floors

Floors take up a huge amount of square footage and are often one of the first things a person notices when they walk into a room. Replacing worn out floors can add immensely to a home’s appeal. If you don’t have the funds to replace flooring, consider refinishing, steam cleaning, or other cheap remedies. At the very least, cover worn areas with throw rugs.

Touch Up Paint

Dingy or chipped paint makes a home look poorly maintained or, worse, damaged. Patch and touch up any nail holes, chipping, and other imperfections. Scrub the fingerprints and scuffs off walls and mouldings. If the paint cannot be salvaged, consider painting over walls that are less than perfect. You can even choose a tasteful accent colour for one wall rather than painting the entire room.

Consider Other Aesthetics

Many sellers focus on the appearance of a home while forgetting the other four senses. However, these will all contribute heavily to a potential buyer’s impression of your home. Smell, for example, is easily fixed with a few candles or some air freshener spray. Many real estate agents even recommend baking shortly before a showing so the house smells of cookies or pie.

Fix squeaky doors and other loud items; play soft classical music that gives a calm ambience. Make sure the home is at a comfortable temperature and not stuffy. Most sellers, and even agents neglect these particular details, so use this to your advantage and stand out when selling your home.

Catch Up on Minor Repairs

Leaky faucets, squeaky doors, running toilets, and other repairs can pile up quickly. While small issues such as these seem like no big deal on their own, they can add up to make a home appear poorly maintained or even a fixer upper. Potential buyers may wonder whether major repairs were also put off or neglected. Take inventory of your home and note anything that isn’t in perfect working condition. Fix these items so potential buyers will see only your lovely home and not a bundle of problems.

Take Staging Seriously

Staging is very important. The way a home is arranged can make it look larger, more stylish, and more appealing. The first step to staging is to remove all clutter. Rent a storage unit if you must, but get rid of all knick-knacks, papers, and anything that distracts from your home. In addition, most people arrange their furniture more for easy usage than for attractiveness.

Now is the time to move things in a way that showcases aspects of your home that you wish to be noticed, even if it makes daily living a bit awkward. Lastly, get rid of family photos and other personal items. You want for people to picture their own lives in your home. Make your house a blank canvas where potential buyers can paint their own masterpiece.

We’ve all heard the horror stories about homes that languish on the market for years. The good news is you can avoid this fate if you make your home as attractive to buyers as possible and avoid common pitfalls.


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