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8 Easy DIY Storage Ideas

8 Easy DIY Storage Ideas

You don’t have to be an expert carpenter in order to find fun and easy ways to store your items at home. In fact, with a little planning and foresight, anyone can find innovative and easy ways to get rid of chaos and clutter. These easy DIY storage ideas are a great place to start!

Drawer Dividers

You can buy fancy pre-made ones online or at the shop, but you can easily make your own drawer dividers by recycling old bits of cardboard. Simply trim pieces to the depth of your drawer, and you’ll be able to easily find socks, ties, underwear, and all your other small bits and bobs.


If you own more than a few hats, you know just how hard it is to find a place to store them. Yes, you can fold or squeeze them into plastic boxes or clumsily stack them on a shelf, but a better idea is to hang them on a corner wall or out of the way nook.

You can use removable adhesive strips and clothes pins to “hang” your hats or go for stick-on plastic towel hooks or even nails. Whichever route you choose, your hats will be attractively displayed and you’ll have added a fun new bit of wall decor to your bedroom.

Purse/Clutch Holder

easy diy storage ideas - purses imageIt’s pretty easy to find a letter sorting desk accessory or wire lid racks for the kitchen that are a great way to sort and store your purses and/or clutches. Instead of having to root through your closet to find the perfect evening bag, all your purses will be neatly organized.

Accessories Organizer

A simple cork or pegboard can be transformed into a wonderful place to sort and store accessories like belts, scarves, caps, and hair bands. Use push pins to hang items like ties or scarves. Add small wire baskets to the cork board to store smaller items like hair bands and pins. Best of all, you can easily reorganize your board to suit your needs.

Door Pocket Organizer

You might have seen pre-made hangers with built-in pockets that rest behind the driver’s seat of a car. Working on the same principle, it’s easy to make your own pocket organizer for the inside of bathroom cabinets, pantries, and closets. These pocket organizers are great for storing cleaning supplies or to relieve overcrowded shelves.

With some basic sewing skills, you can easily make a pocket organizer to the dimensions of any door. But if you aren’t good with a needle, you can still buy a pre-made pocket organizer and trim it to fit onto the back of a smaller door.

Towels in a Basket

Whether you fold or roll up clean towels, storing them takes up a lot of space in your bathroom. Instead of trying to cram more towels into a small cabinet or under the vanity, find some lovely woven baskets and attach them to the wall .

With the bottom of the basket firmly secured to the wall, you’ll have an attractive way to both display clean towels as well as having a better place to store them.

Under Furniture Rollers

If you don’t feel like splurging for fancy storage boxes to use under a bed or other furniture, it’s pretty easy to make your own rolling storage containers. Best of all, when you make them yourself, they’ll maximize every spare centimetre of space.

Pantry Baskets

Many home owners find themselves rooting around on dark, overcrowded shelves or through items on the floor of their pantry. A great way to get your pantry more organized is to create folding baskets for all of your kitchen items.

With a little bit of creativity and effort, anyone can apply simple techniques in order to help cut down on clutter and chaos in the home. When your house looks and feels organized, you’ll feel encouraged to keep it clean and tidy and greatly improve the amount of enjoyment you get whenever you walk into a room.

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