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9 Easy DIY Crafts for Easter

9 Easy DIY Crafts for Easter

This Easter, get your imagination in gear with some easy do-it-yourself Easter crafts. Whether you’re looking for home décor ideas or fun activities to do with the kids, we’ve got some great DIY projects to share.

Paper Chicks in a Nest

Despite its simplicity, this is an adorable Easter craft, and even small children can do it with a little help from mom, dad or teacher. The chicks are made from crumpled up, brightly coloured tissue paper with a beak and googly eyes glued on. A top feather completes the transformation, and the chicks peer out from a brown paper bag nest.

9 Easy DIY Crafts for Easter Candy ImageDecorating with Easter Candy

This is one of the most fun and enjoyable of Easter crafts, and there are plenty of variations on the theme. Layer a clear glass vase or mason jar with candy and colourful straw to decorate your house for Easter. Best of all, once the holiday arrives, everyone gets to eat the treats. Various colours of marshmallow Peeps, chocolate “robin’s eggs” and jelly beans are bright and appealing decorating supplies.

Decorating with Blown Eggs

There are several ways to use dyed eggshells with the insides removed for your Easter decorating. You’ll have to dye raw eggs and then use an egg blower or rubber syringe to empty the contents afterwards. One cute way to display these is as an “Easter egg tree”. Just hang them from artfully arranged branches in a vase or flowerpot. They can also be (carefully) glued to wreaths or other crafts.

Easter Bunny Chair Covers

This is an easy and clever idea for Easter family gatherings that include a meal. A few yards of white felt fabric and some repositionable glue are the main things you’ll need. To make each slipcover into a bunny, you can find free printouts online with bunny ears, nose, etc. The handy thing about this craft is that you can use it over again for other holidays.

Bunny Bread Rolls

Here’s another great addition to your Easter table, and it’s not only easy to make but delicious, too. These simple rolls can be shaped with kitchen shears to have cute bunny ears, and you can either poke eyes in the bread or use peppercorns. A yummy breakfast variation is to add cinnamon and sugar to make sweet rolls.

Easter Cupcake Stand Ideas

Cupcake stands are made for holiday décor since there are so many ways to dress them up. One idea is to add tiny colourful potted plants (real or artificial) with Easter eggs in between. Or, you can line each level of the stand with shredded green tissue paper for Easter grass and add coloured eggs and candy.

9 Easy DIY Crafts for Easter Eggs ImageWhipped Cream Marbled Eggs

One of the most engaging ways to dye your eggs, this method is really easy! All you need is a can of whipped cream (shaving cream will work, too) and a pack of red, green, blue and yellow food colouring. This quirky way of dyeing your eggs will create lovely marbled eggs with the colours you choose. If you want more vivid colouring, leave the eggs for a few minutes longer before you wipe off the whipped cream.

Wax Crayon Eggs

Kids love this craft because they get to see their names and artwork on the Easter eggs. Using a white crayon or birthday cake candle, have them draw pictures and write their names on the eggs before dyeing them. The surprise reveal comes after the dyeing when their pictures pop out of the brightly coloured eggs.

Watercolour Painted Eggs

This is an easy, non-toxic recipe for letting small children paint the eggs any colour or design they can come up with. You can use small baby food jars or yoghurt cups to make the “paint” out of food colouring, water and vinegar. Give them paintbrushes and let them get creative! The lid of an egg carton will give these masterpieces a place to dry.

There are so many great DIY projects for celebrating spring and Easter, and we hope these crafts will give you some inspiration. You can always use one of them as a starting point for your own exciting ideas!


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