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Charming and Cheap Decor Ideas: Bathrooms

Charming and Cheap Decor Ideas: Bathrooms

One of the easiest and cheapest rooms in the house to redecorate is the bathroom, partly because it’s the smallest room in the house. Here are some easy, quick, and cheap fixes that will make a surprising difference in the look and feel of this space.

Choose the Right Lighting

First of all, check to make sure that the lighting is optimal in your bathroom. If you have lighting fixtures above the sink mirror, make sure they’re bright enough. You shouldn’t have to lean close to be able to see details when shaving or applying makeup. For the overhead light, use a bulb that emits daylight spectrum light, since that will brighten the corners and make the room seem larger.

Charming and Cheap Decor Ideas: Bathrooms Accessories ImageSplurge on Coordinated Accessories

In the scheme of things, buying matching bathroom counter accessories is a modest extravagance, and it will really make a difference when your remake is done. Amazon and discount home stores often have complete coordinated sets including a toothbrush holder, soap dish, tissue caddy and countertop organizer. Add a matching wastebasket, and you’ve got a seamless style for your bathroom.

Pick out a Paint Colour

Next, choose a paint in a light and appealing shade for the walls. If they’re already painted, a light sanding is all that’s needed before applying a coat of the new paint. If you have to remove wallpaper, the walls will require more sanding. One tip is to apply a coat of mildew-resistant primer before you paint. It’ll do double duty by masking the previous colour while also preventing mildew, a common problem in bathrooms.

Replace Small Bathroom Fixtures

Look around at the fixtures in your bathroom like towel racks and bathroom tissue holder. Chances are, they’re showing their age. Replacing these, along with any cabinet knobs and other small hardware, can give your bathroom a shiny new look. And it’s fun to pick out the new fixtures! It’s best to remove hardware before painting, so you can sand and paint around the area where the new items will be attached.

Charming and Cheap Decor Ideas: Bathrooms Towels ImageBathroom Linens

Once you’ve picked out the fixtures and accessories for your bathroom, take one of the small accessories with you when you go shopping for a shower curtain and towels. This is the only way to ensure that you’ll match the colours perfectly unless you have a photographic memory. You can probably find a shower curtain that matches the towels, but it’s also fun to choose towels that coordinate and contrast with the shower curtain, and it adds visual interest to the room.

Bathroom Rug

When you’re shopping for a rug to put in the bathroom, it can be tempting to get a fluffy rug that will feel great under your feet. The only problem there is that it could be hard to clean and would tend to attract dust and lint. Instead, opt for a sleek, plush bathroom rug with a rubberized backing, so that it can be thrown in the washer once a week.

Window Curtains

If your budget is getting strained by this time, here’s a savvy tip for a window treatment. Install an inexpensive curtain rod that coordinates with the towel rods, and then hang a piece of fabric over it that complements the rest of the décor. One option for the fabric is a wide table runner with tassels at each end.

Some Elbow Grease and a Modest Budget

That’s all you need to brighten and invigorate the look of your bathroom. It’s amazing what a difference a little bit of colour and coordination can do for the stylishness of a room. All of these tasks are easy to accomplish, even for someone without any home decorating experience. Now, you just have to decide which room to tackle next!

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