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Charming and Cheap Decor Ideas: Kids Room

Charming and Cheap Decor Ideas: Kids Room

Does your child’s bedroom need a makeover? If so, there are dozens of inexpensive and imaginative decorating ideas to choose from. Consider some tips for creating charming décor for your kid’s room without breaking the budget.

Charming and Cheap Decor Ideas: Kids Room Playroom ImageA Unique Area Rug to Brighten the Décor

If you want to add instant pizzazz to the décor of your kid’s room, put down an area rug featuring lots of colours, an interesting pattern or both. One idea is an oval area rug featuring a colourful design of a race car track. Or, go with an area rug with a zebra pattern or one that features all the planets in the solar system.

An attractive area rug can serve as the focus of a kid’s room. You may want to paint the walls in a colour highlighted in the rug or add other items to the room that echo the theme of it.

A Theme of Favorite Things

An easy, inexpensive idea for your kid’s room is to establish a theme including all your child’s favourite things. If your child likes basketball, you can put up a few posters of his or her favourite players or teams. Get a bedspread with images of basketballs on it, get a comfy chair with a slipcover featuring a referee’s black and white stripes and set up a plastic basketball hoop on one wall of the room. 

Coordinating the Curtains and Bedspread

The repetition of a pattern or colour is an easy way to bring harmony to the décor of a kid’s room. A set of curtains featuring a blue and white check pattern goes well with a bedspread sharing the same pattern. Curtains featuring a popular cartoon character would pair well with a bedspread displaying the same character.

A Mix of Patterns

Mixing patterns together can make a kid’s room come alive. Don’t be afraid to mix stripes in your area rug with polka dots on the bedspread and geometric shapes on a beanbag chair. Add curtains in a solid colour to balance out the rest of this wild décor! 

Another idea is to paint the walls of your child’s room in a solid colour. Next, select an inexpensive wallpaper border featuring stripes, zig-zags or checks to mix in a fun pattern. To make the picture complete, choose a wallpaper border with the wall’s colour somewhere in its design.

Shades of the Same Color

Create the room’s décor around your child’s favourite colour. If your child loves purple, then paint the walls lavender and get a plum coloured bedspread. Look for an area rug with a design including different shades of purple to mix-up the brights and darks in the room.

An Undersea Theme

To create an easy undersea decor, hang an inexpensive fishing net from a craft store on a wall and put plastic fish and lobsters in it. Sponge paint the walls a light blue and get some fish templates, so you paint some colourful sea creatures into the ocean on your walls.

You can go with a blue comforter for this theme and get an inexpensive pillowcase and some throw pillows in the shapes of fish. A fish tank featuring multi-coloured lights and, of course, goldfish would be a fun addition to this décor theme.

Remember you don’t have to spend much money to create a charming décor for your kid’s room. Your imagination and a bit of planning are enough to make an appealing room for your child.

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