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Charming & Cheap Decor Ideas: The Kitchen

Charming & Cheap Decor Ideas: The Kitchen

Creating the perfect kitchen doesn’t mean doing an expensive makeover. Sometimes, the best ideas cost next to nothing to complete. Simple DIY projects can instantly transform your kitchen into a luxurious, eye-catching space that reflects your personality. Use this guide to learn a few fun and cheap decor ideas to spice up your kitchen.

Build Upwards

One of the biggest problems of modern kitchens is that they are easy to get cluttered. In order to reduce the mess and make the room functional, you need to start taking advantage of wall space. Try adding some shelves or installing extra wall cabinets. Complete organization systems and bookshelves can easily help tame the mess!


A lot of home décor focuses on the finishing touches. Small things, like custom-made towels, coasters, or tablecloths don’t just change the look of a room; they make the room feel more inviting. Each craft can spend hours to complete, so you can easily spend a day or two embroidering a full kitchen set. Get creative and stitch your name on oven mitts, washcloths and more.

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Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. While it seems like it would be expensive to paint an entire wall, most people can find high-quality paint for under $40 per gallon. The average kitchen will only require one gallon, with some people using smaller sizes to add accents. Try using a bright pastel colour to invite the light in or a rich dark colour to make the room feel more spacious.

A Colourful Statement Piece

Most modern décor incorporates very neutral colours like white, black, tan, or brown. This allows the room to easily be updated when trends change. Adding a bold statement piece, such as a bright blue buffet or firetruck red range, goes against these standards. This makes the item immediately catch the eye and changes the tone of the room. Because you are only updating one piece, a remodel is far less expensive should trends change.

Incorporate Technology

Displaying recipes or cookbooks used to be a popular part of kitchen design. Now, most people pull up recipes on a tablet or smartphone. Try to find a way to display your tablet near where you prepare food. Wood cut-outs with tiny shelves give you room for a display, yet add personality to the room. All you need is an old doorstop, a sheet of wood, sandpaper, and paint to make your own custom design.

There are many ways to enhance a dull kitchen without spending a lot of money. Investing in shelving, painting, and a colourful statement piece can be a great way to spice things up.

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