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Charming & Cheap Decor Ideas: The Living Room

Charming & Cheap Decor Ideas: The Living Room

Decorating your living room on a budget is simple if you know which clever techniques will create the beautiful new look you want. The tips below will allow you to recreate your living room in any style you like. Some tips require a bit of work, but they are well worth it when all your guests are envious of your updated living room.

Change The Walls

Sometimes the wall colour in your living room can get in the way of a truly artful design. Consider what changing the colour of the space will do for you. You can paint the walls a new colour, or focus on just one wall as a feature, or you can design a pattern on the wall with your own ingenuity.

When you paint the walls a new colour, you need to be sure that you choose a colour that matches the rest of your home. However, you can choose many complementary colours that will all work when you use them together. Try using a colour that is already in the room but isn’t a dominant one. Look at accessories in your living room or check out your curtains for inspiration.

Another wonderful idea is patterned walls. The pattern you create on the wall can be set up using painter’s tape. The tape is set in strips on the wall, and you paint within the lines. When you remove the tape, you are rewarded with a pattern that is unique to your home. This is a fun one to do with kids since they can’t mess it up!

Change Up Your Furniture

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You don’t need to buy new furniture to make your living room look grand, but you can purchase new coverings for the furniture. These new coverings slide onto the furniture pieces easily, and they allow you to choose any colour you want without sacrificing the style of the furniture.

No one wants to throw away all their furniture just because they feel like changing the colour of the room, and they can keep the sofa their grandmother handed down to them simply by changing the covering on the furniture.

You can add small pieces of furniture to the room without spending too much money. A tiny end table painted any colour is a great option. Try adding some unique hardware as well. Or you can simply rearrange your furniture! It’s amazing what a difference furniture placement in a room makes.

Add Some Art

Small prints you can hang in the room are also inexpensive. You do not need to buy expensive pieces of art to hang in your home if you don’t want to! There are plenty of options for simple prints that you can purchase almost anywhere. If it’s in your budget, try going for a larger piece that can be more of a focal point in your living room.

Alternatively, you can get your favourite photo printed on large canvas to hang instead of a new art piece.

What Else Can You Do?

There are a ton of ways you can add style to your living room decor. One favourite of interior designers is a graphic rug. They add warmth, colour and a finishing touch to your living room decor. Another thing that really finishes a room is the window treatments. Just remember that your drapes should hang 1/2 – 1 inch off the floor.

Please don’t forget about lighting. It’s often an afterthought – “oh, darn, we need some light in that corner. Go grab the lamp from under the stairs, it should fit.” Lighting can make, or break a room, so don’t skimp out on this part.

Your living room can be easily improved when you try any or all of the ideas mentioned above. You can alter your furniture easily, hang beautiful art and paint your very own pattern on the wall. Your guests will be impressed with the styling in the room, and you don’t have to spend much money to create a beautiful space.

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