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Check Out These Fun Fall Crafts for Kids!

Check Out These Fun Fall Crafts for Kids!

Fall is a perfect time for craft activities that kids will love. The bright colours and shorter days are the perfect enticements for young artists, and these activities are fun for you to help with, too. Ring in the exciting days of fall with these great craft ideas that your kids won’t want to wait to try.

Pumpkin Apple Stamps

If you have some good-sized apples and craft paint around, you’ll be able to create a fun form of decor. Use the orange craft paint to stamp a pumpkin on some paper, then use green craft paint to make leaves and stems. The cute thing about this idea is that you can use it for either a general fall activity or a Halloween one. If making Halloween pumpkins, use black craft paint to add the faces for fearsome jack o’lanterns.

Leaf People

Everyone loves building snowpeople during the winter, but there’s another way your kids can have fun with the weather well before the first snowfall. All you need to do to grab the materials you need is go outside in search of some lovely fall leaves. The search for leaves to use is an entertaining activity in and of itself. Once you’ve found the perfect leaves, arrange them on some paper, secure them with glue, and draw on friendly faces.

Tree Leaf Coasters

Check Out These Fun Fall Crafts for Kids! ImageUse prepared wood in the right thickness for coasters or cut wood slices yourself for a more rustic look. Use some green ink and leaves, and you’ll have coasters ready for use in no time.

Pinecone Hanger

This craft activity is great for little guys because it involves finding the pinecones and tying on a ribbon. Be sure to use a nice, wide ribbon that will be easier for little fingers to manage to tie.

Glow in the Dark Trick-or-Treat Bags

There isn’t any better way to stay visible when out trick-or-treating than by carrying a bag that glows in the dark. A paper gift bag, white tape, and a black marker will help your child create their bag in no time.

Leaf Bowl

Your kids might not realize they can create bowls from leaves, and this activity will be a fun surprise for them. Glue some fall leaves onto a latex balloon. Once the paste is dry, let the kids pop the balloon to see the unique bowl they’ve have.

Fall is a perfect time to enjoy activities that involve leaves, as well as other crafts befitting the season. These crafts are easy and are great for the entire family. You’ll enjoy the time spent creating these unique treasures.

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