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Last Minute Costume Ideas for Couples

Last Minute Costume Ideas for Couples

Going out for Halloween as a couple is always a lot of fun, but sometimes it seems like the best couple costumes go very quickly. The good news – there are plenty of costume ideas for couples that are easy to put together at the last minute. These ideas will help you be the life of your next Halloween party, not the pair everyone laughs at because you didn’t think up something cool.

1. Ms. Fizzle and The Magic School Bus

Most of us probably remember the books and the cartoon from when we were kids. There’s no better way to play home to this favourite educational show than to go as its most beloved characters. Creating the bus from a cardboard box and Ms. Fizzle’s outfit using planet fabric will give you just a right look for this idea.

2. Johnny & Baby from Dirty Dancing

Nobody will put either of you in a corner with these great outfits. Everyone will be able to figure out who you’re dressed as easily, especially if you bust out your best dance moves. All you need are a soft pink, sleeveless dress, and a curly wig if you desire for Baby’s outfit, and a black tee, jeans and shoes for Johnny.

3. Johnny Cash and June Carter

Speaking of favourite couples, Johnny Cash and June Carter were two of the most beloved figures to hit the music scene. This country duo continues to inspire music fans today, making them a great costume choice. Choose a stylish black shirt, pants, and boots for the “Man in Black” and a cute 60’s style dress for June.

Last Minute Costume Ideas Couples Dany & Khal Image4. Dany and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has always provided a lot of inspiration for costumes, and Dany and Khal are both good characters to dress up as. A long dark wig, blue body paint, and fur apron will add to Khal’s costume, while you can perfect yourself as Dany with a long blonde wig, sleeveless dress, sword and mini dragon.

5. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Okay, maybe you’re not as famous as Brad and Angelina, but dressing up as two of their most popular characters is fun. Consider wearing their signature white shirt/shorts combos or one of their undercover outfits. Either way, you’re sure to be the talk of the party!

Dressing up as a couple for Halloween might seem like a bit of a task if you’re planning at the last minute. However, you won’t lose by going with these costume choices. You’ll certainly get a lot of appreciation for your originality.


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