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Tips to Make Your Move an Easy One

Tips to Make Your Move an Easy One

Every move starts out with the best intentions. You got a new job or decided it was time to upgrade your home, and suddenly your to-do list is a mile long. Whether you have two weeks or two months to prepare for your move, cut back on your worries by tackling your move one day at a time with the following seven tips.

Start With The Kitchen

Although it may be tempting to pack the kitchen last to avoid the hassle and expense of eating out every day prior to your big move, resist this temptation. Start by packing everything except the barebones kitchen essentials. Even moving pros get burnt out after a few days (or weeks) of packing boxes. You may find yourself spending less time carefully wrapping your baubles in bubble paper and more time stuffing items haphazardly into boxes. Dishware and glasses are some of the most breakable household items, so wrap and pack them first, while you’re still fresh to avoid careless or unnecessary breaks during the move.

Splurge on Boxes

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Most local grocers can give you extra fruit and produce boxes for free. This is a great way to save money, but the mismatched boxes can make packing a moving van difficult and clumsy. If you’re trying to save money, opt for recycled newspaper or butcher paper in lieu of bubble wrap, but don’t skimp on the boxes. The frames of moving boxes are specifically designed for easy stacking and packing and can withhold the weight of each other with ease, so your boxes don’t accidentally collapse. You’ll more than make up any money spent on quality moving boxes by not having to replace crushed items after you unpack.

Rethink Spring Cleaning

Moving is a great excuse to get rid of clutter. Start packing as early as possible so you have time to evaluate your new space and sort through your things to determine what you should keep and what you should plan to buy. If you haven’t used an item or worn an article of clothing in over six months, it’s probably safe to donate. For an added boost of goodwill, give your gently used items to a local charity. It’s a great way to simplify your life and give back at the same time. If you’re donating furniture, you may be able to write it off as a tax expense as well, so keep your receipts.

Prepare for Arrival

Make a list of all the things you need to do to complete your move, from changing your credit card addresses, to setting up your new cable provider. It’s easy to put these tasks off until you’ve moved, but if you get them out of the way before you leave, you’ll feel less stressed during the move itself. Commit to completing one or two tasks each day in the 2-3 weeks leading up to your move. By the time you arrive, all your administrative work will be complete and you’ll be able to focus more on decorating and unpacking, rather than waiting for your electricity to be hooked up.

Keep Your Options Open

Don’t commit to the first moving company who gives you a quote. Shop around. And don’t be afraid to tell them. Most moving quotes are based on the quantity of items being moved and distance to your final destination. You can cut back on costs by sharing a moving van with other shipments, although this typically reduces your ability to choose an exact arrival date. You could also suggest a counter offer based on other quotes you’ve received.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, don’t forget to read reviews of your moving company online. Customer feedback is often the best way to put your mind at ease knowing that other people have had positive experiences with a company.

Put Things Away

When you’re unpacking your moving van, take the time to read the labels on your boxes and put each box in the room it belongs in. Although this may make the unloading process a little longer, it will save you time while you’re wading through boxes, trying to make space to unpack, or searching for your corkscrew for an impromptu celebratory bottle of wine.

Enjoy the Process

You’ve made it! Take time to enjoy at least one take-out dinner among your boxes to soak it all in. Although moving can be stressful, pausing to savour the moment can remind you how worthwhile it is.

Remember, moving should be fun – not stressful – so do what you can to stay organized, get your friends and family involved, and cut back on unnecessary stress. And don’t forget to take before and after photos of your new home, of course!


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