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Top 10 Christmas Decor Trends for 2017

Top 10 Christmas Decor Trends for 2017

Christmas decor is always fun to pick out and some of the most common trends for this year are particularly festive. When you add these great decor ideas to your home this holiday season, everyone will love your eye for colour and style. The best thing about these options is that there’s something to suit every possible taste.

Top 10 Christmas Decor Trends 2017 Ornament Image1. Christmas Tree Centrepieces

Why not offer a new take on an old favourite by using a centrepiece that includes a mini tree? This little tree won’t take away from your main tree by any means but will allow you to add an extra splash of colour to your dining room. Alternately, you might try using a Jesse Tree for this centrepiece, where you count down the days by adding a special symbolic ornament daily. 

2. Candle Advent Calendar 

Advent calendars have long been a fun way to count down the days til Christmas with kids. Why not put an interesting twist on this idea with a candle-based calendar? Use some soil-filled peat pots adorned with holiday greens and berries, and include a candle in each pot, with all the candles grouped attractively.

3. Wine Bottle Characters 

If you have some empty wine bottle or sparkling juice bottles sitting around, why not put them to good use? Some craft paint, pieces of felt and buttons or bells are all you’ll need. Here’s how you pull it all together:

  • Paint the bottles in the appropriate colours (such as white for a snowman, red for Santa, brown for a reindeer, etc.)
  • Cut out felt pieces to make a snowman’s hat and scarf, Santa’s belt, and the reindeer’s antlers and collar
  • After glueing on the appropriate felt pieces, add some buttons to the snowman, a belt buckle made of buttons to Santa, and a ring of bells to the reindeer

4. Mistletoe and Holly Bells

Your guests will be amused by the sight of these festive balls hanging from one of your light fixtures. They’re also easy to make by covering a styrofoam craft ball with mistletoe and holly. Attach a red ribbon with a bell at the end to top it off. 

5. Lightbulb Snowman Ornaments

Burnt-out light bulbs don’t need to head to the trash can just yet – they can find a new lease on life as cute snowman ornaments. Use some white, glittery paint for the body and glue on a couple of twigs as arms. Paint on eyes, a carrot nose, mouth, and buttons, then attach a string for hanging. 

Top 10 Christmas Decor Trends 2017 Joy Image6. Wood Slab Placemats

If you have more pieces of firewood than you can use, slabs from these pieces are easy to repurpose as wood placemats. Although often treated as a form of rustic decor, they are both versatile and easily customizable. You can paint or otherwise adorn them to make them look extra-unique.

7. Pinecone Ornaments or Door Hangers 

Collecting pinecones is always a fun cold weather activity, and they have great decor potential as well. Glittery paint will help enhance their natural beauty. Attach a festive bow to the top of each and some string for easy display on your tree or doorknobs.

8. Display Your Gingerbread House with Class 

The middle of your dining room table isn’t the only place you can display a gingerbread house attractively. Try using a sideboard decorated with ornaments, candles and metal lanterns. The metal lanterns and candles can be great year-round decorations, and many ornaments also have the potential for year-round use.

9. Colourful Button Ornaments 

Do you have more buttons around than you need to replace any missing ones? If so, attach them to some styrofoam balls using ball head pins. Attach a festive-looking ribbon to the top to use as a hanger, and you’re good to go! 

10. Hang Stockings from Your Railing

If your mantle is a little crowded or you want to do something different, consider hanging your Christmas stockings from the railing of the stairs. You can also dress the area up a little with some garland or tinsel wrapped around the bannister. Consider using coordinated stockings for maximum effect. 

When you take advantage of the top Christmas decor trends, you’ll be pleased with the results. Both your family and guests will also appreciate the effort you’ve made to keep everything looking unique. No matter how many rooms you decorate, your house will still be a place for abundant holiday cheer.

When all the festivities are said and done and it’s time to clean up, check out our tips to clean your home faster!


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