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Top 5 Calgary Infill Builders

Top 5 Calgary Infill Builders

The housing market in Canada is booming. With new demand for homes and property, many custom home builders are diversifying where they build. For home buyers that prefer to live in an already well established, older neighbourhood, but still want the luxury of living in a newly built home, infill is ideal.

Many people in the Calgary area want to build a new custom home. However, they don’t want to live in a brand new community that’s still under development. One of the best ways to resolve this issue is to use an infill builder. 

Choosing a qualified infill builder is essential. Here are some of the best infill builders in Calgary.

Cook Custom Homes

With over 30 years of experience, Cook Custom Homes is one of the most popular infill builders in the Calgary area. They complete dozens of projects each month. With that experience, they will be able to stick to timelines and help you reach your goals.

Cook Custom Homes is a family-owned company that prides themselves on excellence. They will guide you through every step of the building process. If you want to work on an infill project for your next home, this is a great choice.

Saville Homes

Saville Homes is a leading company in the construction industry today. They specialize in unique and stylish architecture to compliment any Calgary neighbourhood. Saville homes feature meticulous construction and craftsmanship, as well as refined design inside and out.

Saville Homes limits the amount of projects they take on each year so they can provide the same level of attention and detail to every home they build.

If you’re looking for superior quality and service, Saville Homes is above the crowd.

Sunset Homes

Top 5 Calgary Infill Builders Modern Home imageSunset Homes is an inner city home builder, specializing in semi-detached, attached and single family homes. They build modern, state-of-the-art homes with a spacious and comfortable feel.

Sunset Homes also works with existing properties on major renovations and uses the same eco-friendly techniques as in their infill projects.

When you work with Sunset Homes as your Calgary infill builder, you can be confident in your decision to work with the best in the industry.

Urban Living by Baywest

As a division of Baywest Homes, Urban Living offers a host of client advantages, most significantly their history and proven experience building in Calgary’s communities. Their valued clients benefit from Baywest’s 30-year reputation for designing and crafting award-winning homes.

The Urban Living approach is refreshingly client-centric, with a small collaborative team who endeavour to align with your lifestyle and investment goals long-term. From service to design, and construction to warranties, they are deeply committed to the success of each and every client’s new home.  You see it in their homes and you can feel it in their genuine desire to make every client’s custom vision a reality.

Where do they build?  Wherever you are.

Riverview Custom Homes

Riverview Custom Homes specializes in luxury custom home construction. They hold a strong presence in Calgary’s inner city, showcasing stunning architecture in the most sought after locations.

The team at Riverview is known for their great customer service and work closely with their clients to ensure their dreams are realized and that each project is a success. Building a new home is a process, and working with a company that understands this is essential.

Choosing a Builder

There are obviously plenty of choices when it comes to infill builders in the Calgary area. You need to make sure to conduct thorough research before choosing one to work with. With all of the information available online, this process should be relatively simple. Now is a great time to build your dream home in the neighbourhood of your choice!


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