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8 Ways to Update Your Home Decor in Time for Spring

8 Ways to Update Your Home Decor in Time for Spring

Spring is the season of new life. The time when we need to brighten up the different aspects of our lives that were designed to keep us warm during the winter. We have all heard of spring cleaning, but what can you do to give your living space the new life that comes with spring? What changes can you make to give your home a vibrant new look that will welcome the warm and welcoming atmosphere of spring into your life? Here are some things you can do in your home to let everyone know that spring is in the air.

1. Let the Light in

The days are getting longer, so that means there is more natural bright light to add a touch of spring to your home. If the windows do not provide the desired light into a certain area of your home, add modern light fixtures to add a touch of personal flair to the room.

8 Ways Update Your Home Decor in Time Spring Pillows Image2. Lighten the Furniture

If you are like me, you have a lot of neutral coloured furniture. This is a great asset to have in the winter, but now it’s time to add a splash of colour to your life. You don’t need to go out and buy new furniture but think of other alternatives that will liven up your living space. Add brightly coloured slipcovers to your furniture. Use throw pillows and other accessories to bring out floral patterns and soft colours that will accent the room.

3. Change the Curtains

Winter drapes are dark and dreary curtains that are designed to keep the cold winter air out. The air is warming up, so it’s time to get rid of the mood-dampening drapes and replace them with some light, airy curtains that let the breeze in as well as the sunlight.

4. Remove Rugs

Rugs are typically associated with winter time. They are a way to keep the heat in an area and keep your feet warm, but they are an extra asset that can darken the vibes of a room. If you like having rugs, pick out a light, cotton rug that will keep you in the spirit of spring.

5. Repaint 

Over time the paint on your walls will become dull, which stops it from reflecting the sunlight. A fresh coat of paint alone can make a room feel much brighter than it was. If you’re feeling creative but do not wish to change the entire atmosphere of a room, you can add an accent wall to really make the room pop. Try to incorporate some delightful spring colours into the mix, like a lemon yellow or a lime green.

8 Ways Update Your Home Decor in Time Spring Tulips Image6. Decorate with Real Flowers

Plastic flowers and plants are nice, but they don’t provide oxygen. Design a bouquet of beautiful spring flowers that will brighten up your entryways and other areas of your home. Adding these flower arrangements will not only add the sights of spring to your living space, it will bring in the scents of spring as well. The intoxicating smells of spring are a great way to air out your home after being closed up for the winter.

7. Create an Outdoor View

The focal point of a room is often something in the room, like a television set or a fireplace. Change the orientation of the furniture within the room to focus on something outside. If the room has large windows or glass doors that face a garden or a backyard pond, take advantage of the view and make it the first thing your guests will see when they sit down. Make sure to also open the windows and let the fresh spring smells of growing grass and blooming flowers fill the air.

8. Create an Outdoor Sitting Area

Outdoor living spaces allow you to feel the breeze and smell the spring air, so why not create a beautiful location to relax. A porch can be the perfect location to sit and enjoy some drinks in the afternoon, but you will need to create an alluring atmosphere for your guests. Put away anything that reminds you of winter. Remove all shovels and repurpose your firewood box as a location for some beautiful potted plants. Add additional flowers to the bannister or simply hang them from the ceiling. If you don’t have a porch, a garden or other flat area will work just as well.

Spring is the time of year when freshness and brightness become a part of our lives, so allow those aspects to add life to your home décor as well. The ideas listed above are some of the things you can do after spring cleaning to brighten up your home.


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