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Winter Decor Ideas to Cozy Up Your Home

Winter Decor Ideas to Cozy Up Your Home

Winter’s here, and you need to add some extra warmth and light to your home to make it cozy. A crackling fire in the grate is a good starting point, but there’s so much more you can do to make your winter décor bright and inviting. These simple steps will transform your home into a warm and cheery winter retreat.

Rearrange your furniture around the fireplace.

Everyone will want to huddle around the fireplace on those frigid winter nights, so make it the focal point of your living room. If the comfy chairs aren’t already there, pull them close. Add small side tables for lamps, books, and drinks to create a warm and inviting getaway spot.

Winter Decor Ideas Cozy Up Your Home Blanket ImagePlace throw blankets around the house.

Winter is the perfect time of year to get out all your fuzzy and warm throw blankets. Drape one over the sofa and each easy chair, and don’t forget to put one at the foot of your bed for extra warmth when reading in bed at night.

Cover cold floors with extra rugs.

Don’t let your feet encounter a cold floor this winter. Add fuzzy or thick area rugs to places that don’t have them, especially next to your bed and in the bathroom. Any spot where you usually sit will benefit from having a cozy and warm rug for under your feet.

Put flannel sheets and a plush comforter on your bed.

Now’s the time to break out the flannel sheets for your bed. This winter staple doesn’t have to be a boring colour, either. Choose a cheery pattern that you’ll enjoy looking at through the frosty winter months, and snuggle into the comforting warmth.

Change to heavy winter drapes.

Hanging insulated winter drapes can be one of the best ways to conserve energy and stay warm in the wintertime. Not only that, but they can add a festive air to your surroundings if you choose the right colours. Snow white drapes make a great backdrop for classic winter colours of red, green and gold, and plush burgundy drapes impart a warm and elegant feel to a room.

Don’t forget to freshen up your pillows.

As long as you’re changing out the drapes, give the pillows some attention, too. Adding new jackets to old pillows makes them seem brand new. Covers with bright colours will add points of interest to the room, and they can be coordinated with the rest of your winter decorating choices. 

Place winter displays around the house.

This is a fun and creative activity that also provides winter aromatherapy for your home. Gather fragrant fir branches and add pieces to the mantel over the fireplace, then decorate with pine cones and bright red holly. Winterberry is a popular type of holly that lasts for a long time before shrivelling. The children will love helping you push spiky cloves into oranges to hang around the house, and the holiday smell is heavenly.

Change the lighting for winter.

To make up for the short days and lack of light, change all your overhead light bulbs to daylight spectrum bulbs. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make on your mood. Along with the bright lights, add small decorative lamps with warm lighting for the long winter nights.

Winter Decor Ideas Cozy Up Your Home Plants ImageAdd colour to your houseplants and include some new ones.

Look around each room at the houseplants you’ve carefully nurtured throughout the year, and decide which ones would benefit from a lovely winter bow. Cream and red is a warm yet festive colour combination, especially when edged with metallic accents. Add white plants for a cool and elegant winter feel. Cyclamen is an easy plant to maintain indoors, and will it bloom for eight weeks.

These easy and affordable tips can make a surprising difference in the atmosphere of your home. Icy winds and snow on the ground aren’t an obstacle to coming up with new decorating ideas for indoors. Have fun creating a comfortable and cheery space that you and your family can enjoy all winter!

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